Wangpo Tethong

Key Points

Every chitue candidate received a questionnaire written by ou members. You will find Wangpo Tethongs answers here:

  • Build up political support for Tibet in Europe

  • Strengthen the liberal principles in our democracy & community

  • Provide practical inputs for the security of H.H. the Dalai Lama’s visits

  • Evaluate systematically the Tibet China policy

  • Encourage community centers for Tibetans in Europe.



Born on 16. April 1963, Trogen, Switzerland, History Masters degree from the Phil. Departement I, University of Zurich, Working now as consultant for public affairs, research, communication and film productions, married, two children. Former spokesperson for Greenpeace, Green Party and senior consultant at Campaignforum Ltd., Member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile since 2014.

  • Board Member and Activist, Filming for Tibet since 2008

  • National Olympic Committee of Tibet (Noc Tibet), President, Board Member and Activist, 2006-2008

  • International Tibet Support Network (ITSN), Board Member and Chair of Olympics Working Group

  • Swiss  Tibetan  Friendship  Association  (Gesellschaft Schweizerisch-Tibetische  Freundschaft  GSTF), President and Board Member, 2002-2004

  • International Campaign for Tibet Germany, Board member

  • Young Tibet – Junges Tibet – Bhodshon, Editor, 1987-1994 Bi-lingual magazin (Tibetan/German) of the Tibetan Youth Association Europe, TYAE.

  • Volunteer for Tibet Office Zurich, 1985 to 1989

  • Radio Free Tibet, Editor and Producer, 1989

  • Aktion Ladakh – Help for TCV project in Ladakh/Choklamsar, 1982/83


Achievements for Tibet

  • Coordinator & founding member of international Tibet Olympic Campaign 2001 to 2008
  • First protest by an exile Tibetan on Tiananmen/Beijing in 2006
  • Founding member of ICT Germany, 2004
  • Founding member of Filming for Tibet, 2008
  • Founding member of Tibet Film Festival, 2009
  • Executive Coordinator of three successful political rallies with His Holiness the Dalai Lama (2008)
  • Berlin, 2010 Zurich and 2012 Vienna)
  • Founding member of Lamtön (counselling for Tibetan asylum seeker in Switzerland), 2004
  • Founding member of Radio Free Tibet, 1990
  • Founding member of STAFT (Students Group for Tibet at Zurich Univesity, 1993)
  • Organizer of first ever Tibetan election debate, in Winterthur/Switzerland  in 1991
  • Founding member of Kharikhatuk Debate Group, 1989
  • Founding member of Aktion Ladakh, 1982

Wangpo Tethong at a Mirap Sawa Open Talk in Switzerland.