Buddhism comes along with us Tibetans from day one. Senior Lamas are naming us, monastery visits on Losar and Tibetan New year’s day as well as wearing lucky charms around our necks. Even though we aren’t aware of the true meaning, we consider these as our duties or given facts.

Religion is a crucial part of the Tibetan culture and therefore deep-seated in our thinking and acting. The “Tibetan Youth Association in Europe” targets hence to introduce our religion to young Tibetans. In order to achieve this aim, gatherings in informal frameworks between Tibetans of the same age are organised on a regular basis. In this matter, we can exchange opinions regarding Buddhism and thus educate ourselves.

Thanks to the Tibetan monastery in Rikon ZH (, we have the opportunity to establish contact with Tibetan monks and get first-hand information. The Venerable abbot, Thupten Legmen, supports the “Tibetan Youth Association in Europe” in several matters, such as the children’s camp, offerings “Sangsöl” on the general assembly and other events. He keeps pointing out the importance of youth and is always delighted when he gets to share his knowledge with us.