Tibetans in Tibet cannot live out their own culture. At Tibetan schools for example, classes are taught in Chinese and not in Tibetan any more. In exile we have the opportunity to keep Tibetan culture alive. Therefore TYAE is active and organises various events several times a year.


Buddhism comes along with us Tibetans from day one. Senior Lamas are naming us, monastery visits on Losar and Tibetan New year’s day as well as wearing lucky charms around our necks. Even though we aren’t aware of the true meaning, we consider these as our duties or given facts.

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Tibetan Language Classes

Since February 2013 we have been offering Tibetan language classes in Zurich and Rapperswil. Around 40 young Tibetans, beginners as well as advanced, meet weekly to discover or refresh their mother tongue together.

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Tibet Film Festival

The Tibet Film Festival (TFF) is the result of a collaboration between the associations “Filming for Tibet” and “Tibetan Youth Association in Europe”. Whereas in Dharamsala, the association “Filming for Tibet” acts jointly with “Students for a Free Tibet India” in order to organize the festival.

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