Put Tibet back on the map

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the declaration of independence, on 13th February 2013, the TYAE  approached Google with an urgent demand: Tibetan towns and cities should be named on google maps in Tibetan.

With this demand, the TYAE, along with Students for Free Tibet and Tibetan Youth Congress launched the action platform www.tibetonthemap.com in order to stop the extinction of the Tibetan language and culture. On the website over 1600 towns were already named in Tibetan by members of the TYAE, which meant hours of work with painstaking attention to detail and constant checking back and forth between old Tibetan maps. Tenzin Kelden Losinger-Namling, President of the TYAE, said about this campaign: “There are no precisely named maps written in Tibetan on the Internet. Google can change this by including the Tibetan language in google maps. Chinese, Cyrillic and Arab already exist as languages on their website. So why can’t they include Tibetan as well?”

Our demand is very clear: Google has to take responsibility and secure the survival of the Tibetan culture in the digital world by including the Tibetan names for towns along with the English and Chinese names.

Support our demand on  www.tibetonthemap.com