Your vote made the difference!

With the program „Your vote makes a difference“ the TYAE has launched an information campaign about the elections of the Chitue and the Kalon Tripa. A campaign that has been successful! We could spur the interest for politics with many mainly young countrymen and create a motivation to cast a vote.

The TYAE sees a main mission to educate and inform the members and create a solid ground for an opinion-building process. In regards of politics this is a particularly difficult task since those topics are not among the highest priorities with younger members. The elections of the Kalon Tripa (Prime minister of the Tibetan Central Government) and the Chitue (Members of the Tibetan Exile Parliament) is of particular importance in light of the upcoming retirement of his holiness the Dalai Lama, the TYAE has activated several means of communication in order to reach the young Tibetans. Among those activities, there were Information lunches, a dedicated website and a new Facebook page, tours of the local sections, e-mail exchanges, Flyers, a physical postcard, a Europe-Chitue-Debate and much more.

These activities were well received among the section members. Using multiple channels of communication has helped to reach more members and created a larger motivation to vote. On top of that, it was possible to highlight the importance of the topic.

„Your voice makes a difference“ was a big success. We received many positive reactions from visitors at the information meetings plus we counted a much higher amount of participants altogether. More effective among the younger crowd were the online communication platforms, Facebook in particular. This was clearly recognizable from all the interactions, comments and feedbacks online.

The organization committee likes to thank everyone who has helped to make this project a success.