Our activities

TYAE is as diverse as its members. And the fields of work the Association is engaged in are just as wide. From political campaigns, Tibetan language classes, Rap concerts to children’s camp, we do as much as we can for Tibet and for the Tibetan youth in Europe.

Actions and Campaigns

Over the last few years, TYAE has drawn attention to itself and Tibet through spectacular actions and campaigns. Campaigns such as “Team Tibet” or “Put Tibet Back on the Map”, just as in the past, have lead to international headlines.

Culture and Language

Tibetans in Tibet cannot live out their own culture. At Tibetan schools for example, classes are taught in Chinese and not in Tibetan any more. In exile we have the opportunity to keep Tibetan culture alive. Therefore TYAE is active and organises various events several times a year.


TYAE is an association that is always changing and is open for all kinds of ideas. We are young and ready for action. At the same time we want to learn from experienced members and pass our knowledge on to younger people. TYAE is a place where you not only give but can also take a lot away with you.


Rap for what? Rap for Tibet!  We try to raise awareness about the situation in Tibet with all kinds of events. And awareness raising about Tibet to youth and young adults is our priority. Because the youth belong to the future – you and us.


Tenzin Sonam Netsang


Tenzing Dhokhar


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As a non-profit Organisation we rely on your financial support. All earnings go directly into our activities.

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