Section Bhoetruk (Netherlands)

We are a part of Tibetan youth association in Europe (TYAE), a group of young Tibetans in Holland who want to contribute in our capacity to the struggle of Tibet in this critical time. We believe that Tibet and Tibetan people are in a critical situation where our fellow Tibetans in Tibet is constantly living under fear and oppression under the rule of Chinese communist party. Tibetan culture, language and religion are always moving closer to extinction in Tibet due to the introduction of social, economic and political policies by Chinese government which intend to make Tibet closely resemble that of mainstream Chinese society. At the same time, Tibetans living outside Tibet are facing major challenges in preservation of Tibetan identity due to huge exodus of Tibetan people in western countries which results in Tibetan youths growing up with cultures and identities of their resident country. We live in a time where we Tibetans can not be satisfied with happy personal lives we are living in the west and instead be responsible for improving the situation in Tibet and contribute to the preservation and promotion of Tibetan culture, language and identity.

Head of Section